Chopsticks Ledras

185 Ledras Street, 1011, Nicosia Cyprus

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160 Reviews, 5 followers
The difference between failure and success is, Doing something almost right and doing it completely right
09 July 2018 15:38
Rated 4.0
Panicos Panayi
15 October 2019 14:17
Rated 3.0 food 5.0 Delivery to kotopoullo mou mirizi kapos. polles fores to niotho. ksero, ine afta tis farmas, alla prepi na iparzi kati na fevgi i mirodia tou
Eleanna Stephanou
14 October 2019 21:53
Rated 5.0 food 5.0 Delivery
Pantelis Damianou
11 October 2019 21:54
Rated 5.0 food 5.0 Delivery
Demetris Ioannou
08 October 2019 20:36
Rated 5.0 food 4.0 Delivery
1 Review, 0 followers
27 September 2019 21:23
Rated 1.0 food 1.0 Delivery We ordered 1 and half hour ago and we are still waiting the order
Andreas Ioannou
27 September 2019 07:43
Rated 4.0 food 4.0 Delivery
Yiannos Galatis
23 September 2019 08:28
Rated 5.0 food 5.0 Delivery
Georges Constantinou
19 September 2019 21:02
Rated 5.0 food 5.0 Delivery
Maria Xenofontos
12 September 2019 14:30
Rated 4.0 food 4.0 Delivery
Nicos Ioannou
10 September 2019 17:33
Rated 4.0 food 1.0 Delivery Although ensured the girl over the phone that handled the order, had the correct address to deliver (as on the order), the driver did not have it. Driver was very late, after several telecoms, driver arrived but at the wrong address. Then had to divert and delay more to deliver. Was a birthday party, ordered a little before 12:30 and finally sat to eat after 14:00 with guests complaining...! The girl told me to forgive them as the driver was kind of slow, the driver told me to forgive them as the girl was rather new/young (i think he meant inexperienced).
Erasmia Tavlanta
04 September 2019 22:47
Rated 5.0 food 5.0 Delivery
Christia Kythreotou
02 September 2019 11:43
Rated 3.0 food 4.0 Delivery
Myria Karaolidou
01 September 2019 16:13
Rated 3.0 food 3.0 Delivery Fried rice could have been better. Spring rolls sauce too sweet
Βερόνικα Σάββα
29 August 2019 16:04
Rated 3.0 food 3.0 Delivery It was 15 minutes late
Sofia Achilleos
25 August 2019 21:55
Rated 2.0 food 5.0 Delivery
Andri Ioannou
andri -1534410106
12 August 2019 14:44
Rated 5.0 food 5.0 Delivery
Pavlos Gregoras
10 August 2019 22:40
Rated 4.0 food 4.0 Delivery
Yiolanda Damianou
06 August 2019 21:04
Rated 4.0 food 4.0 Delivery
Cleo Andreou
04 August 2019 08:44
Rated 4.0 food 4.0 Delivery
Cleo Andreou
23 July 2019 21:52
Rated 4.0 food 4.0 Delivery The rice packages were put vertically in the bag and the rice was spilled out!!
Stefos Koullouros
19 July 2019 20:17
Rated 4.0 food 4.0 Delivery
Marilena Christoforou
18 July 2019 09:19
Rated 3.0 food 2.0 Delivery
Marios Ioannou
16 July 2019 23:30
Rated 5.0 food 4.0 Delivery
Kyriakos Georgiades
16 July 2019 14:03
Rated 5.0 food 5.0 Delivery
Evgenia Christofidou
15 July 2019 07:13
Rated 5.0 food 1.0 Delivery Took 2 hours to deliver our food they were very busy. This is what they told us
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Restaurants around Chopsticks Ledras

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