How do I earn credit from referring a friend to Wolf?

To earn credit, send a referral link to your friends. When a friend uses that link to join Wolf, they’ll get credit that will automatically apply towards their first order online with Wolf. The credit will show up automatically on the checkout page in their wallet.

When your friend completes their first qualifying order, you'll earn a €7 food credit to use for your own Wolf online order. You'll get the credit after your friend checks out, and it will show up automatically on the checkout page.

Qualifying Online order

Qualifying Online order must have a total value of €10 indicated in the referral invitation, accompanying promotional materials, Wolf website, or Wolf mobile application. Note that this total value may change based on currency fluctuations. The Qualifying Order online must be paid online for via the Wolf platform, and the referred friend must complete the order before the Wolf User can receive Food Credits.

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