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Who are we?

Wolf is an online platform that is responsible for powering amazing dining experiences for our users daily both in home and whilst dining out. We started with a vision to enhance the way of life of our users! Close to 1 year of operation, Wolf has steadily built both a search and discovery platform that fuels stable and growing transaction businesses. Today Wolf has multiple products and services that ensure our users have a great experience whilst improving the food industry.

Our mission has evolved to something exponentially greater than being a restaurant reviews and food delivery platform.

Every month, Wolf connects thousands of users with 1300+ restaurants in Cyprus. Wolf continuously aims to serve a bigger purpose of providing better food for more people! In order to do this, we need to ensure that users have access to a wide assortment at quality restaurants that are available and accessible.

Wolfys live by this, it’s our bible and we aim to change industry standards based on these four factors – Availability, Assortment, Accessibility and Quality. Users need food, they need variety, they need access to it and most importantly they need it to be high quality!

We are constantly developing a combination of a healthy user ecosystem, great content and an innovative product that makes us a game changer in our field – we are transforming our markets into kitchen-less spaces that give our users a choice of cooking because they want to, not because they have to! As an employee of Wolf, you will be helping us build this vision.

We’re looking for seasoned back end engineers who build advanced and innovative systems that can keep up with the crazy traffic and the feature-rich Wolf website and apps. If building fast, scalable systems, and deep diving through frameworks to figure out how they work is your thing, you'll feel right at home at Wolf.

Wolf will be providing you with

As a Wolfy, you will be immersed in a culture of people who take pride in their company and their ability to change the lives of thousands of people daily. We place Wolf first in our daily tasks with a high level of honesty, ownership and judgment on a foundation of constant and real time feedback.

You will be challenged daily to be a better thinker and problem solve using a first principles approach.

We promise you, in addition to the quest for 0 bad meals, you will also have an infinite amount of interesting days as a Wolfy – if you have passion and see yourself in our vision, go ahead and send in your application!

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